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The Importance of Project Data

Project data is the information that is gathered and evaluated to manage projects. It comprises the numbers and figures that teams employ every day. Using it correctly helps to support and assure the success of a construction project.

Usually, the project manager is accountable for collecting and analyzing data about the project to improve the performance. He also ensures that the project meets its objectives within the timeframe and budget as well as quality standards. Ideally, the results of data analysis must be presented in simple charts to allow everyone to immediately take action.

The best method to manage your project data is to use a professional solution that supports you in organizing and tracking it. Modern project management software works as a symbiotic thread for your company that connects all departments to one platform and speeding up the information flow.

For example the team could use text-based Data Fields to provide information about the client’s needs, or use List-type Data fields to color Tasksbars in Ganttic and track the progress of the project constantly. This gives supervisors a complete overview of what’s been accomplished and what needs to be done, which allows them to make better allocation decisions. This also prevents surprises at the final stage of a project when unexpected costs or risks suddenly appear. If the project is complicated, it might be even more important to have someone in charge of the whole process who can establish and refine analytics processes and track them and ensure they are tailored to the specific requirements.

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